Tech Tip! How to cut down pesky unwanted spam/junk emails and drastically reduce your inbox!!! So easy and effective!!! 📥📬📩

A great way to cut down junk emails from my friend and fellow blogger @sprintingwiththeshaps

Sprinting With The Shaps 🚐💨

I used to wake up every morning to sooo many emails.


It was a really annoying chore to go through all of them only to find a handful important or necessary or from friends and family. So much useless junk cluttering my inbox and stealing my time. Then I saw an ad on Facebook for UNROLL.ME which was a free service.


It was sooo easy, and actually fun! You literally just go down the line “unsubscribing” from what you don’t want. I don’t need an email everyday from Target, or Banana Republic, or Wherever! It really pissed me off! 😡😤My time is limited I want to read what I need! Every few days you will get an email from them when they detect new senders. Now when I wake up everyday my inbox is wayyyyyy clear and I love the uncluttered result! The bottom line is I like to keep on…

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