I’m a Mom.

I’ve been a teen mom, a young mom, a single mom,

a married mom, a stepmom, a working mom, and a stay-at-home mom.

I’m YOU!


The road is never perfect but the journey can be splendid

I’ve got a big, beautiful blended family with ages ranging from 5 to 25, From teething to navigating the college admissions process, I’ve done it all and I’ve learned a trick or two along the way. I also know that it’s easy to lose yourself in the daily grind and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

My quest for happiness and growth has led me here~ constantly exploring how I can not only improve my life but also the lives of others. Here you will read about my experiences and I’d love to hear about yours. Growth only continues when we learn and teach so I’m excited to join you on your journey, share in your victories, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Common Thoughts and Questions~

What is a life coach? Just like people hire a personal trainer or nutritionist to help reach health and fitness goals, a life coach will help you identify and accomplish “life” goals. A life coach is your personal cheerleader, someone who is in your corner. In addition, by having a coach, there’s a level of accountability most people find helpful in achieving personal goals.

Is there a difference between a life coach and a therapist? Yes! A life coach is not a therapist. Life coaches do not examine the past (although it may come up briefly) or try to figure out behavior patterns. They do not offer any type of clinical assistance or diagnoses. A life coach is all about the now and the future. What are you looking to accomplish? Lets find a way to get it done! Feeling stuck and unsure what you want but know what you’re doing isn’t working? Lets put a plan in place to start working toward your splendid life today!

It sounds like a luxury. It must be very expensive. When it comes to coaching, there are many options which makes it accessible for everyone. Whether it’s on the phone, through Skype or Face Time, or face-to-face, there is a level of coaching that’s right for you. Depending upon your needs, one to two sessions may be a perfect fit or a package of 4, 8, or 12 sessions may make more sense.

OK, I’m intrigued. What now? Shoot me an email. Lets chat about what you’re looking for. Don’t let another day get between you and the life you want to be living.


Tanya Novelli Dunne

Certified Life Coach, specializing in all aspects of parenting

Independent Literacy Consultant

Certified Teacher, CT and FL