Keep It Simple

This is how I looked Saturday morning…

This is how I would like to look while cooking…

Last weekend was B’s birthday and I began his special day by spending close to three hours in the kitchen. I made his favorite dessert, a carrot cake, from scratch. Yes, I shredded carrots. Yes, I crushed pecans. And yes, I drove myself crazy! (Probably due to the fact that I was also attempting to make his favorite breakfast, Eggs Benedict). It was just too much.

The cake fell, the hollandaise sauce was runny, and I was frazzled. B explained it perfectly- he would have been just as happy if we would have went out to breakfast and if I would have picked up a carrot cake.  I had an ah-ha moment. The people I am doing these special things for do not care if I’m slaving away in the kitchen for hours- actually, they would prefer it if I was more present with them.

I do like to bake but maybe I’ll use a use a mix or bake the day before and buy frosting. Same thing with pancakes and waffles. Do I really need to shift flour at 8am on a Saturday? Won’t the kids be just as happy with pancakes made from the Hungry Jack mix?! I think so. I’ve decided I’m going to take some shortcuts that will allow me to save time and enjoy the process.

My goal of simplifying is beginning in the kitchen but I’d like to make everything in my life easier. Do you have any tips that make your day to day life less stressful and more enjoyable?



One thought on “Keep It Simple

  1. Fantastic. I would much rather have you present and happy instead of frazzled too!!!! Even your blog this week was simple and straight to the point!

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